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April 2018:
Stop That Phish

March 2018:
Securely Using Social Media

February 2018:
Securing Your Mobile Devices

January 2018:
Creating a Cybersecure Home

December 2017:
Lock Down Your Login

November 2017:
Shopping Online Securely

October 2017:
Helping Others Secure Themselves

September 2017:
Password Managers

Information Security

Information security is a responsibility shared by all members of the Lander community, and ITS is here to ensure that Lander faculty, staff, and students have the training, support, and resources needed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of University data and systems.

Effective Fall 2016, annual security awareness training is provided to all Lander faculty and staff through regular group presentations or an online Blackboard course. In addition to being a requirement designed to protect Lander's sensitive information and IT resources, our Securing The Bearcat program benefits Lander employees by providing tips to protect personal devices and accounts from threats such as malware and identity theft.

How can I secure my devices and accounts?

Explore the following topics to find strategies for protecting yourself: