Lander Wireless Network

Lander University provides wireless network and internet access in all academic buildings as well as most other facilities on campus.  To access the Lander wireless network, you must be a valid faculty, student or staff member.  Guest access is provided in 30-minute intervals.

To access the Lander wireless network, simply turn on your wireless adapter on your laptop, or other device.  The name of the network is "Lander Wireless".  Select to connect to Lander Wireless.  You will be prompted that Lander wireless is not a secure network, simply select the option to Connect Anyway.  Once you are connected to the Lander wireless network, you will need to enter your authentication credentials to gain full access.  Simply navigate to a non-Lander website on your laptop or device and you should be prompted for your Lander username and password.

Please remember, that the Lander wireless network is not secured, like many other public wireless access points.  If you are transmitting sensitive data, please make sure the website you are using is secure.  Most banking and other financial institutions provide secure access and is usually indicated by an "https://" URL.

If you have any problems accessing the Lander wireless network or need assistance, please contact the ITS help desk at 864-388-8234.