Student Perspective

Lander students who are studying abroad and international students who are visiting our university are encouraged to start blogs to chronicle their experiences. The following students and faculty are currently visiting Lander from abroad:

Sun Ae SohnSun Ae Sohn - South Korea

“After arriving at Lander, President Ball was the most impressive person I met. Early in the morning, Dr. Ball came to the residence hall and actually helped students move-in on the Freshman Move in day. He greeted parents in person and chatted with them. He is the kindest President I’ve ever met! Even during lunch hour, he came to the student’s dining hall, talked to students all the time and tried to take care of them...”

Sangheon LeeSangheon Lee – South Korea

“Before I came to Lander I was worried that Americans may not like me. But after I came here and met many Americans, especially my roommates, they are very funny, kind, and interesting. They joke with me like I was one of them – it makes me feel welcome and a part of their lives. I get to play soccer on the intramural team and am very excited about this opportunity. My advice to other international students would be to just go for it – I have had a wonderful experience at Lander; everyone is so welcoming! The Friendship Family Program has been an awesome program for me since I have been able to visit American homes and meet their families.”

Eunji AnEunji An - South Korea

“Lots of events for students are held on Lander's campus throughout the year. Last Monday, a music concert was held in front of Centennial Hall. I had a fun and great time lying on the grass with lots of people and listening to good music. Unlike a university culture in Korea where only a one-time college festival is held for a week, it is surprising to me that there are so many school activities and events open for students…”

Sehee KimSehee Kim - South Korea

“…I learned that since there are not many Koreans in Greenwood, Lander could be the best choice for me to be immersed in the English speaking environment! Then, I chose to come to Lander without any hesitation. After being selected as an exchange student, many good things have happened to me so far. Last March, President Ball and Dr. Sung-Jae Park visited my university and they said that they could offer us on-campus internships and the best education. These opportunities were so appealing to me.”

Caddie Chen - Visiting Scholar
from Shanghai Normal University, China

“I'm the lucky one because Lander is the only institution of higher learning in South Carolina to offer a program leading to national certification in Montessori education. And with a longstanding tradition of producing talented teachers, Lander’s Department of Teacher Education focuses on empowering and encouraging students to become not only competent professionals, but also lifelong learners and responsible citizens.”

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