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Lander welcomes a large contingent of students from around the globe

September 27, 2013
Asian Students
The orientation for Asian students enrolled at Lander University this fall included working with technicians from the university's Information Technology Services department to register and set up their laptop computers and smartphones for use on campus and elsewhere in the area.
Lander University's fall enrollment includes 93 international students representing every continent but Antarctica. The number eclipsed Lander's 2012 international enrollment of 81 students.

The largest contingent, 18, comes from South Korea, with China next at 17, then France, 11 and the United Kingdom with 10.

Other students are from Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

Half of the international students are enrolled in business administration courses in the School of Management. Others are majoring in nursing, sociology, political science, chemistry, mathematics, English and early childhood development.

The group includes 51 student-athletes.

Late in August, at an orientation for students from Asia, president Daniel Ball said international students who come to Lander are adventurous, leaving their homes and coming to America to study. He added, "It is important for American students that you are here because you will have the opportunity to share academic and cultural experiences with each other."

He added, "You are really Lander students and the faculty and administration are committed to helping you be successful."