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Lander group in Thailand for international academic conference

July 15, 2013
A delegation of Lander University faculty members and administrators are in Thailand for an international conference on Technology and Innovation Development for Sustainability.  The conference is sponsored by Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nkhon in Bangkok, which is one of Lander's 11 sister institutions of higher education in Thailand, South Korea and China. Lander is also co-sponsoring the event.

Members of the Lander delegation are: Dr. Lee Vartanian, associate professor of teacher education; Dr. Austin Trousdale, assistant professor of biology; Dr. Franklin Rausch, assistant professor of history; Ralph Patterson, vice president for University Advancement;and Randy Bouknight, vice president for Student Affairs. They are accompanied by businessman Mett Davis, of Davis & Floyd in Greenwood.

Vartanian is one of three keynote speakers. His topic will focus on current and future trends in education. The other members of the group will make presentations.

The conference was arranged as an exchange of research experiences and ideas for research development to strengthen academic cooperation and collaboration. Topics will include science and technology, business administration, engineering, liberal arts and more.

Dr. Sung Jae Park, Lander's dean for International Programs, said the Lander delegation's expenses are fully paid for by Rajamangala University and funds raised by his office.