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South Korean students visit Lander for language and cultural program

July 03, 2013
Lander University president Daniel Ball, seated right, and members of the faculty and staff greeted a delegation of students from the University of Incheon in South Korea, who are at Lander for a month-long American Language and Cultural Studies program.
Lander University has welcomed a group of 20 students and one staff member from the University of Incheon, in South Korea, who will attend a month-long American Language and Cultural Studies program conducted by Lander.

This is the first trip to the U.S. for all but one of the students. She told the group she had been to Los Angeles.

President Daniel Ball told the students, "Greenwood is the real America. It's in small towns like Greenwood that you get to meet the people and observe true American culture." Ball took time to greet the students individually and give each of them a business card with his contact information in the event they need to speak with him.

The group is comprised of 14 women and six men, who are sophomores, juniors and seniors at their university. Their majors back home include international trade, health and exercise science, business administration, law, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

While at Lander, the students will attend English classes and participate in an American cultural series focusing on government and politics, arts, sociology, history, exercise science and more. 

They will also have time for leisure activities including a Greenville Drive baseball game in Greenville; shopping; and visits to Charleston and Atlanta.

The University of Incheon is one of Lander's sister universities and colleges in Korea, China and Thailand.