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Educators from Thailand visiting Lander exchange cultural information with their hosts

April 11, 2013

Members of a delegation of educators from Rajamangala University in Thailand, wearing costumes of their homeland, demonstrate a Thai folk dance in a presentation on their culture, customs and language to Lander University faculty, students and staff. The Thais have been attending the university's monthlong American Language and Culture Studies institute.
A delegation of educators from Thailand, who have been taking part in an American Language and Cultural Studies institute at Lander University, appeared before an audience at the university on April 8 to share information about their culture, language and customs.

The 18 educators are faculty members from Rajamangala University of Phra Nakhon in Bangkok, Thailand, one of Lander's 11 sister schools in Asia.

Since their arrival on March 18, the group has attended English classes and presentations focusing on American business, history, politics, health care and culture.  They were also escorted on tours that included three Greenwood public schools, Self Regional Healthcare and the Greenwood Genetic Center, the Statehouse in Columbia and Charleston.

During their April 8 presentation to Lander faculty, students and staff the Thai visitors described the uniqueness of their culture. They described important Thai festivals, the geography and climate of Thailand, food and the university where they teach, which has 12,000 students. 

Eight members of the group wore traditional costumes and demonstrated a Thai festival dance.  In the audience were many of the host families in the Greenwood area and McCormick, who have provided housing and entertainment for the visitors. 

Dr. Sung-Jae Park, Lander's dean of International Programs, said this is one of the first groups from Thailand to visit South Carolina. He added that it was an opportunity for the Thais and their host families to learn more about each other's culture and foster good will. Park said opportunities to attract more host families are an important part of his plans to grow the international program by inviting visitors from other Asian schools to visit Lander.