Interdisciplinary Studies

Why Interdisciplinary Studies?

Business AdministrationInterdisciplinary Studies fosters the analysis, synthesis and communication of ideas at a higher level than many traditional discipline-based programs. It is this type of study that cultivates the skills needed to easily adapt to the ever- changing needs of the workplace – a highly desirable trait in the current job market, both in South Carolina and beyond.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major is the perfect option for the highly-motivated student who wants to get the most out of his or her college experience. It can be an excellent major for Lander University Honors College students who are gifted in multiple disciplines and have specific educational objectives.

It is also a good option for nontraditional students who are interested in advancing their careers by obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which is a requirement for many of today’s fastest-growing occupations.

A degree program that fits your needs

Not every student’s educational and career goals fit perfectly within the conventional boundaries of a single academic discipline.

Graduates who have integrated knowledge from a variety of areas are better prepared to address the challenges of an ever-changing workforce, and as a result, have better odds of securing today’s most sought-after jobs.

Lander’s Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program recognizes these facts, and the program’s versatile structure – allowing you to work closely with an adviser to combine different areas of study – provides the flexibility to build a degree program tailored to meet your individual needs, interests and career objectives.

Bringing diverse academic disciplines together

Chemical EngineeringAlthough Lander cannot offer degrees in every discipline imaginable, the interdisciplinary studies approach allows Lander to expand its educational offerings beyond its already diverse list of academic majors.

For example, you might choose to combine courses from business administration and marketing with mass communication, creating a program of study suitable for a career in public relations or strategic communications. Or, perhaps you’ll integrate computer information systems with visual arts and graphic design, building a foundation for further study in Web development or game design. A combination of Spanish and sociology could be a perfect pairing for the student interested in social work within the nation’s growing Hispanic population.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program can provide students with the opportunity to design a course work plan that focuses on a multitude of relevant content and interests.

Did you know?

  • Students who graduate with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree are prepared for a variety of diverse careers or further study in graduate school.
  • Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies program can connect with others who share similar interests by becoming involved in one of Lander’s numerous academic and student life organizations.
  • Lander’s Experience Your Education Program provides experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, clinicals and service-learning projects, relevant to all majors at the university.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies is an excellent option for students in Lander’s Honors College, which encourages “breakaway” experiences, including internships and study abroad, that fit a student’s individual career goals.
  • The Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator works closely with students to develop an appropriate, practical course of study that best fits the students’ individual educational goals.

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