Unit Outcome Plans and Reports

The documents below will take you to the current outcome plans and report for each unit at Lander.

  1. Vice President and Director of Athletics3
  2. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    1. Academic Affairs, Office of1
    2. Academic Success Center1
    3. Arts and Humanities, College of
      1. English and Foreign Language, Department of
        1. English
        2. Spanish
      2. History and Philosophy, Department of
      3. Mass Communications and Media Studies, Department of
      4. Music, Department of
      5. Art, Department of
    4. Business and Public Affairs, College of
      1. Management, School of
      2. Political and Social Sciences, Department of
        1. Criminal Justice Management
        2. Emergency Management (M.S.)
        3. Health Care Management Certificate
        4. Political Science
        5. Sociology
    5. Education, College of
      1. Physical Education and Exercise Studies, Department of
        1. Exercise Science
        2. Physical Education
      2. Psychological Science, Department of
      3. Teacher Education, Department of
        1. Early Childhood Education
        2. Elementary Education
        3. Special Education
        4. Montessori Education (M.Ed.)
        5. Teaching & Learning (M.Ed.)
    6. Science and Mathematics, College of
      1. Biology, Department of
      2. Mathematics and Computing, Department of
        1. Computer Information Systems
        2. Mathematics
      3. Physical Sciences, Department of
        1. Chemistry
        2. Environmental Science
    7. Experience Your Education (EYE) Program1
    8. General Education
      1. Competency A – Knowledge and Comprehension
      2. Competency B – Apply Information
      3. Competency C – Analyze Information
      4. Competency D – Communicate Effectively and Appropriately
    9. Honors Program1
    10. Interdisciplinary Studies
    11. Library1
    12. Nursing, School of (Response to CCNEBSN Assessment PlanMSN Assessment Plan)
    13. Student Support Services PASSport Program3
  3. Vice President for Business and Administration
    1. Accounting and Budget / Financial Affairs2
    2. Campus Post Office and Copy Services2
    3. Facility Operations2
    4. Human Resources2
    5. Information Technology Services2
    6. Procurement Services2 / Bearcat Shop2
  4. Vice President for Enrollment and Access Management
    1. Admissions2
    2. Financial Aid2
    3. International Students and Scholar Programs1
    4. Registrar2
  5. Vice President for Governmental Affairs
    1. University Relations and Publications2
  6. Vice President for Student Affairs
    1. Campus Recreation3
    2. Career Services3
    3. Equestrian Center3
    4. Residence Life3
    5. Student Activities3
    6. University Police2
    7. Wellness Center3
  7. Vice President for University Advancement
    1. Alumni Affairs2


1 Academic Support Service: those services whose primary function is to help students to refine and strengthen the academic skills necessary to be successful at Lander University.

2 Administrative Support Service: those services whose primary function is to support the day-to-day operation and maintenance of Lander University.

3 Student Support Service: those services whose primary function is to help students to refine and strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities that contribute to personal growth and development (including, but not limited to, improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential, building human capital and facilitating employability, enhancing quality of life and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations).