Status of Closed Positions

Program Coordinator of the Equestrian PTSD Program (Grant Funded) Veteran Services   03/16/18 Reviewing Applications 
Equine Coordinator of the Equestrian PTSD Program (Grant Funded)  Veteran Services   03/16/18 Reviewing Applications 
Advancement and Alumni Data Reporting Coordinator   University Advancement & Alumni Affairs  07/25/18  Filled
Communications Processor  Admissions   08/10/18  Filled
Director of Accounting  University Advancement   07/25/18  Reviewing Applications 
Student Success Advisor  Academic Success Center  08/01/18  Reviewing Applications 
Tutoring & SI Coordinator  Academic Success Center   08/01/18  Reviewing Applications 
Assistant to the Registrar and Coordinator for Student Services and Transcripts Registrar's Office   08/10/18  Reviewing Applications
Coordinator of Course Articulation and Transfer Registrar's Office  08/10/18  Reviewing Applications 
Admissions Counselor  Admissions   08/10/18  Filled 
Reviewing Applications
Reviewing Applications