Hiring Procedure for Staff Positions

  1. Discussion with Human Resources by Supervisor.
  2. Human Resources reviews position description with supervisor to ensure accuracy. Human Resources issues Personnel Action Request to Supervisor.
  3. Supervisor discusses employment intention with area Vice President. If approved, Personnel Action Request is signed and returned to Human Resources.
  4. Human Resources prepares job ad and starts the recruitment process. Then once applications are received they are screened and sent to the hiring supervisor.
  5. Supervisor begins the interview process and chooses best overall qualified applicant.
  6. Supervisor writes justification for hiring decision and completes reference checks.  Then returns the hiring justification and all applications to Human Resources.
  7. Employment Specialist completes the background screening.
  8. Once satisfactory background screening is completed, the Classification & Compensation Manager evaluates training and experience of candidate and determines a starting salary.
  9. Supervisor is notified of salary and makes preliminary verbal job offer to candidate.
  10. Supervisor notifies Human Resources that verbal job offer has been made to candidate, and Human Resources emails verbal offer letter with instructions to return signed acceptance within 5 business days.
  11. Once notified of the position being accepted, the Classification & Compensation Manager writes letter of official welcome letter to selected applicant.
  12. Employment Specialist posts on the web site that the job has been filled and sends email out via NEO-GOV for those applicants who selected to be notified.
  13. Appointment is made with Benefits Manager to schedule and complete New Hire and Benefits Orientation. Supervisor completes specific training as needed for the position.