Bearcat Village

Bearcat Village KitchenApartment Style Living

Bearcat Village is located approximately one-half mile from campus and very near Greenwood’s major shopping and restaurant district. The facility is served by the Lander shuttle, offering free round-trip transportation to campus seven days a week.

All units are furnished with a bed, desk, chair and chest of drawers for each resident plus living room and dining room furniture, full-service kitchen, cable TV and high speed Internet access. There is also a laundry facility on the premises.

What Our Students Think

The independent living is great for upperclassmen. The apartments feel more like a home than a dorm room.

The living room and the full service kitchen are wonderful. And the Lander shuttle provides door-to-door transportation from the Village to the campus and back again.

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  • Upperclassmen only 
  • Female or male
  • Meal plan is required


  • Furnished kitchen
  • Furnished living room
  • Bed, desk, chair and chests of drawers for each resident
  • Closet
  • Window blinds
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