What students are saying...

Emily Knott“I love the seminar, roundtable-style Honors classes. And, thanks to Honors, I’ve been able to travel more than I ever dreamed possible … Without the Honors College at Lander and the opportunities it has offered me – England, Thailand, D.C. – my university experience would not have been the same.”
Emily Knott, Senior

“My time spent in the Honors program is unrivaled. I’ve eaten foods I never dreamed of, been places I’ve only seen in books, and best of all, I’ve experienced what it means to be a traveler.”
Josh DeLeon, Sophomore

“My discussion-centered Honors courses were unlike any other course I’d ever taken. Because I learned not only how to defend my own views, but also to respect others, I’ve come out of every class more knowledgeable and better-prepared for the next phase of my education.”
Conner Lewis, Senior

“Through Honors, my view of the world was developed on a global scale. Honors placed me in courses with individuals of a similar mindset, and the resulting experiences were never short of extraordinary. The influence of my intellectual peers and the encouragement of faculty who are truly devoted to going the extra mile helped to prepare me for the rigorous world of academia as a grad student.”
Andrew La Croix, Class of 2012