The CNL Curriculum

Hours Semester
NUR 600 Theory and Conceptual Foundation
3 Spring 
NUR 611 Advanced Clinical Assessment 3* Spring 
NUR 612 Advanced Pharmacology 3 Spring
NUR 613 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 Summer
NUR 620 Health Care Structure and Finance
3 Summer
NUR 630 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 Fall
NUR 635 CNL Practicum I 3* Fall
NUR 640 Management of Clinical Outcomes 3 Spring
NUR 645 CNL Practicum II 3* Spring
NUR 651 Research for Evidence-Based Practice 3 Summer
NUR 660 Leadership in Health Care 3 Summer
NUR 675 CNL Immersion Practicum III 6* Fall
Total: 39 Hours (*Clinical Hours Included)

Clinical Requirements:
A total of 500 clinical hours is required and is incorporated in four courses. A hallmark of CNL preparation is a clinical immersion experience that provides a large portion of the clinical requirements across a semester. Clinical placement will be coordinated to be convenient to a student’s geographic location, if appropriate.