Ways to Participate

There are two ways to participate in the program.

Option 1: The approved EYE Program activities listed under Approved Activities on this website may provide opportunities to earn EYE credit. Students interested in earning EYE credit should contact the Faculty Mentor for information about the EYE activity associated with the course. The Faculty Mentor will work with the student throughout the activity to see that the expectations of the EYE Program are met and the credit is earned. Students should check the EYE Program website periodically for additional activities that will be added as they are approved. Note: Enrollment in the courses below does not guarantee EYE Credit. The student must work with the faculty contact person to earn the credit. Also, some of the activities listed below are upper-level courses and may have pre-requisites.

Option 2: Look at the courses you plan to take or other activities you plan to be involved in and discuss possibilities for EYE Program credit with your instructors or Dr. Jim Colbert, Director of the EYE Program. Other activities might include internships, co-ops, service learning, and study abroad. The process of approving and adding activities to the Approved Activities list will continue as new activities are identified or created.