Approved EYE Program Activities

The following courses or activities have been approved for EYE Program credit and may include experiential learning opportunities for Lander Students. Students should contact the Faculty Mentor listed for the activity and follow their instructions to earn the EYE credit. These activities are anticipated to repeat each semester or each year. Approved activities that are not expected to repeat in the future are not included on this list.

Course or Title of Activity EYE Credit Faculty Mentor
ACCT 490 Accounting Internship 60 credits Carol Wood
BA 369 Project Management 30 credits Mike Shurden
BA 490 Business Internship 60 credits Sam Tolbert
BIOL 407, 408, 409, 410 Biology Research 15/30 credits Jason Lee
BIOL 412 Genetics Research 60 credits Jason Lee
CHEM 410 Research in Chemistry 30 credits Jim Colbert
Ralph Layland
CHEM 490 Internship in Chemistry 60 credits Jim Colbert
Ralph Layland
CIS 499 Software Development 15 credits Farha Ali
COOP 281 Cooperative Education 15 credits Jim Colbert
COOP 282 Cooperative Education 30 credits Jim Colbert
DANC 155 Lander Dance Company
15 credits
Hannah Park
EDUC 461 Directed Teaching 90 credits Lee Vartanian
Rebecca Fernandez
ENGL 490 Internship 60 credits Erin Sells
ES 301 Introduction to Environmental Science 15 credits Dan Pardieck
ES 302 Introduction to Environmental Science  15 credits Dan Pardieck
ES 407 Research in Environmental Science 30 credits Dan Pardieck
ES 490 Internship in Environmental Science 60 credits Dan Pardieck
Experiential Learning in Community and School Settings 15/30 credits Lee Vartanian
Experiential Learning in Political Science 30 credits Chad Kinsella
Lucas McMillan
Kimberly Richburg
Grace Street Nature Park Project
15 credits
Ann Butler
ITS Student Employment 15/30 Credits Robin Lawrence
Lander Theatre Productions 15/30 credits Monique Sacay-Bagwell
Lander Women's Basketball Service Project
15 credits
DeCole Shoemate
HCMT 490 Health Care Management Internship 60 credits Sam Tolbert
HIST 371 Modern China
15 credits
Franklin Rausch
MATH 499 Senior Capstone Course 15 credits Josie Ryan
MEDA 290 Media Practicum
30 credits Robert Stevenson
Laura Hester
MEDA 490 Internship in Media Services
30 credits Robert Stevenson
Laura Hester
New Voices Editorships
15 credits
Misty Jameson
Amy England
NURS 235 Nursing Wellness 15 credits
Rebecca Cox-Davenport
NURS 345 Medical Surgical Nursing I 30 credits Theresa Lawson
NURS 346 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 30 credits Holisa Wharton
NURS 371 International Service Learning in Nursing 20 credits Leslie M. Meyers
Ashley Lee
NURS 392 Childbearing Family/Women's Health 30 credits Leslie M. Myers
NURS 393 Mental Health Nursing 20 credits Leisa Igleheart
NURS 408 Critical Care Nursing 30 Credits Ashley Lee
NURS 409 Pediatric Nursing 20 credits Paula Haynes
NURS 412 Nursing Leadership & Management 30 credits Leslie M. Myers
NURS 417 Community and Health Nursing 30 credits Robbie South
Peer Leadership Academy 15 credits Leslie M. Myers
Peer Mentoring for Enhanced Advising 20 credits Paige Ouzts
PEES 235 Athletic Training Practicum I 30 credits Daniel Hannah
PEES 340 Athletic Training Practicum II 30 credits Daniel Hannah
PEES 345 Athletic Training Practicum III 30 credits Daniel Hannah
PEES 450 Athletic Training Practicum IV 30 credits Daniel Hannah
PEES 455 Athletic Training Practicum V 30 credits Daniel Hannah
POLS 371 Washington Semester Program 90 credits Lucas McMillan
John Moore
POLS 490 Political Science Internship 50 credits Lucas McMillan
Kim Richburg
Chad Kinsella
Presidential Ambassadors Experience 15 credits Jennifer Mathis
Jim Colbert
PSYC 315 Adolescent Development 15 credits Marie Nix
PSYC 421 Research Seminar  15 credits Marie Nix
PSYC 490 Internship
60 credits
Mandy Cleveland
SC Speech & Theatre Competition 15 credits Monique Sacay-Bagwell
SC Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Fall Conference 15 credits Gina Poore Dunn
South Carolina Student Legislature 15 credits
Chad Kinsella
SOCI 490 Sociology Internship 60 credits Linda Carson
Student Volunteers for the American Language and Culture Institute 20 credits Sean Barnette
Lee Vartanian