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A message from Van Taylor, Interim Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of The Lander Foundation

One of our great traditions includes the selflessness and generous acts of philanthropy that define members of the Lander Family. Philanthropy (from the Middle French word Philanthropie) means “love of mankind” and “the active effort to promote the happiness and well-being of others [through] practical benevolence.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

It is with this definition in mind that I invite you to take a moment to celebrate and applaud the countless ways in which thousands of alumni and friends have impacted Lander University over the past year through philanthropic endeavors sponsored by The Lander Foundation and Alumni Association.

Students who are admitted to Lander University represent the best hope for the future—the future of Lander and the countless communities it serves. These young people are bright, engaged students whose accomplishments and drive have secured them a place here. Yet even among those exceptional students who make it into Lander, there are those without the financial means to afford the top-notch education they aspire to and have earned. Lander helps them get that education. This is why scholarships are crucial to Lander. Philanthropic support designated to scholarships gives us the ability to create a class that includes the best students regardless of income. The result is a student body that better reflects the world outside our gates and, therefore, better serves that world. 

Our president, Dr. Richard Cosentino, has an incredibly exciting Strategic Plan that addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing environment. It is guiding us in developing new ways to fulfill our mission and respond to the needs of local and global communities.

Your gifts to the Forever Lander Excellence Fund will help propel our university through a renewed commitment to our students.

  • Help us PREPARE OUR STUDENTS for a lifetime of learning and scholarship.
  • Help us ENABLE OUR FACULTY to remain experts in their field as they continue to inspire our students.
  • Help us BUILD ACADEMIC PROGRAMS that equip our students for careers of the next century.
  • Help us MAINTAIN AND CREATE THE FACILITIES where future generations of Lander students will learn, play, and thrive.

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Van Taylor
Interim Vice President for University Advancement and
Executive Director of The Lander Foundation
Phone: 864-388-8350

Alumni Affairs Office