Victim's Rights Assistance

Sexual Violence and/or Harassment

Victim Rights (PDF)

If you have been the victim of sexual violence and/or harassment, Lander University is here to help and support you in any way possible. The university will conduct an investigation and file appropriate charges based on the guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct..

As the victim, you have a right to be involved in the entire process.  If you wish to pursue charges, there is a disciplinary process administered through the university as well as a criminal process.  If you are the accused, then you also have rights.

Go to the Title IX Complaint Form or email to



If You are a Victim

If You are Accused

  • The Accused Student Has Rights

    How to contact the Title IX Staff:

    Jeannie McCallum                           Randy Bouknight                     Cheryl Bell
    Title IX Coordinator                           Title IX Deputy Coordinator               Title IX Deputy Coordinator 
    Office of Human Resources             for Students                                         for Athletic Programs
    511 Willson Street                             Grier Student Center GC-345            Horne Arena
    864.388.8053                                      864.388.6293                                       864.388.8530