What happens when a Student Concern Form or other information is received? If the incident is critical, action may immediately be taken to mandate the removal of a student pending an evaluation and approval for continuance in an educational environment.

The Director of the Behavioral Intervention Team will meet with the student following the evaluation for case management and compliance purposes.

Once an incident is reported or referred to the BEIT:

  1. The incident is confirmed through some type of documentation (LUPD Incident Report, Housing Incident Report, Student Concern Form, or E-mail).
  2. Information on the student will be gathered through contact with involved Campus Departments, Reporting Party(ies), and any other applicable on-campus entity. This will occur only in non-emergency situations.
  3. The information will be presented at the BEIT meeting and a decision will be made around the plan(s) of action for the student identified as the “concern” in the incident.
  4. Members of the team will use the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool in reviewing reported situations/incidents and in determining recommendations and interventions. All members of the team will be trained in the use of this tool.
  5. The student will be notified by letter of the recommendations of the team and mandated to schedule and attend a meeting with the Director of the Team.
  6. The student will be presented the options of following the mandate(s) and assisted in accessing any needed resources for compliance.
  7. The Director will provide case management services on a direct or indirect basis depending on the nature of the case.

The type of recommendations made will vary depending on the nature of the behavioral incident. Students who fail to comply with the recommendation(s) of the BCT may be referred to the University’s Student Judicial Affairs’ Officer and may summarily be removed from the University for ‘Failure to comply’.

Any potential disciplinary sanction will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Adapted from NaBITA’s, University of South Carolina’s & University of Mississippi’s Behavioral Intervention Team Websites.