Lander University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BEIT) exists as an avenue to increase on campus safety for our students and employees. A safer environment is conducive to the learning process and the attainment of educational goals. This team addresses student behavioral concerns which are not supportive of the University’s primary goals and are not addressed by an existing department of the University.

The members of this team act in a common purpose to adequately address critical student behavioral or mental health incidents through review of situations/incidents, information gathering and sharing, and providing recommendations to ensure the safety and educational success of Lander University’s staff, faculty, and employees.

The team does not preempt any other University department in performing its duties in enforcing the law or managing student situations.

The following behavioral concern categories represent some of the critical student behavior or mental health issues or incidents which are addressed:

  1. Self-Injurious behavior/ suicidal ideation or attempt.
  2. Erratic behavior that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings of University students, faculty, or staff.
  3. Involuntary or voluntary transportation to the hospital for mental health, physical health, or substance use issues.
  4. Student behavior creating undue stress or danger for that student and/or members of the university community.

If you think that this may be a concern requiring immediate action, then call Lander University Police at 864-388-8911 or 864-388-8222.
If this is not an emergency situation and you think a student may need to be referred to the Behavioral Intervention Team, please complete the form at the followings site: MyLanderPortal (This form asks for some basic information - the name of the student you are concerned about and a brief description of the behavior(s) or situation(s) which have you concerned.)


  • To serve as a resource for the University community in addressing student behavior which is not addressed by an existing policy or entity of Lander University
  • To develop and review policy which addresses aberrant or threatening student behavior
  • To provide educational opportunities for University departments about managing aberrant or threatening student behavior
  • To gather information about select situations and to assess the need for intervention
  • To provide support for academic and University departments in dealing with difficult student behavioral situations
  • To make recommendations to the appropriate Dean of the student’s college or school, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the President of Lander university to special student situations and aberrant student behavior.
Adapted from NaBITA’s, University of South Carolina’s & University of Mississippi’s Behavioral Intervention Team Websites.