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Behavioral Intervention

Lander University is committed to providing our employees, students and visitors a safe campus environment in which learning and educational endeavors can be accomplished. Lander University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BEIT) exists as an avenue to increase on campus safety for our students and employees.

A safer environment is conducive to the learning process and the attainment of educational goals. This team addresses student behavioral concerns which are not supportive of the University’s primary goals and are not addressed by an existing department of the University.

The members of this team act in a common purpose to adequately address critical student behavioral or mental health incidents through review of situations/incidents, information gathering and sharing, and providing recommendations to ensure the safety and educational success of Lander University’s staff, faculty, and employees.

The team does not preempt any other University department in performing its duties in enforcing the law or managing student situations.

Lander University is very concerned with any situation wherein a student’s state of psychological imbalance or poor mental health leads to either acute risk or actual disruption of the academic process and educational mission, or creates undue and continuing stress or danger for either that student and/or members of the university community.

Examples of such situations are suicide attempts, grossly distorted behavior caused by drug ingestion, or demonstrated episodes of acute anxiety or other types of mentally aberrant behavior. Should a student’s behavior be assessed by appropriate university staff to have caused disruption of the academic process, or to pose imminent possibility of such disruption, disposition of that case will be considered on its own merits.