Student Complaints and Inquiries

Consistent with our mission statement of being & grounded in the belief that education is a liberating force which makes it possible for the individual to live a life of meaningful activity, of personal satisfaction, and of service to others as a neighbor and a citizen”, we are committed to providing students access and assistance to resources if a concern, complaint, or appeal arises.

The Vice President of Student Affairs or appointed designee provides assistance to any student with a complaint by helping the student determine the nature of the complaint and by ensuring the student has recourse through the appropriate policies and procedures impacted by the complaint. Complaints for which there are no formalized committee structures or procedures are handled in an expeditious manner. In most situations, resolution should be sought through an informal process in which the student discusses the complaint directly with the individual (faculty/staff/department representative) involved.

These complaints generally follow the chain of command for resolution. Some types of complaints can be anticipated and are specifically addressed by standing committees or through other administrative policies and procedures.

A student concerned about a policy or procedure of a particular department/division/college on campus being incorrectly or objectively followed has recourse by filing a complaint. Below are the steps in addressing a complaint or inquiry for which there is no formalized committee structure or procedure.