The Cost of Living

Personal Budgets

Rent in Greenwood and the surrounding area can vary. The average rent is likely to be somewhere between $300-$800 per month, plus utilities. Some landlords include basic utilities in the monthly rent, such as Water & Sewer, Cable-TV or Internet. 

Paying rent is not your only expense when living off-campus. Create a simple budget and use it as a guideline to determine how much you can afford to pay in rent. Your rent should be no more than 20-30% of your monthly income. 

Depending on the season and type of Heating/AC in the apartment, Electricity or Natural Gas can range from $75-$300 each month. Consider finding a roommate to split the costs and share living space. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid awarded by the university is always applied to a student’s university fees first. If there is a credit on the student’s account after all university fees are paid, those funds are sent to the student (or parent if a PLUS loan generates the credit) in the form of an “overage” check or electronic deposit. The student can use those funds to buy books, pay rent (if living off-campus), transportation, food, etc.

Check with Lander University’s Financial Aid Office to get specific details about your financial aid package and if there are any restrictions on using specific funds. For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office’s website .

Finding a Job

Lander’s Office of Career Services
(864) 388-8971

The Office of Career Services assists students in preparing for employment by advising students on effective Job Search Skills, Mock Job Interviews and Resume/Cover Letter Critiques. Career Fairs are held on campus and Recruiter Days are coordinated to offer students the opportunity to connect with employers. Messages may be sent to students with job opportunities and career event information to your Lander email account. Contact the Career Services Director to schedule an appointment.

Bearcat JobLink is a free online job board for students, alumni and employers to connect with each other in employment opportunities.  Recognizing that not all employers will post positions on the Bearcat JobLink, the Office of Career Services also provides links to multiple Job Search Boards via the Lander website.

Students have access 24/7 to the Online Career Library which provides samples and guidelines to creating powerful Resumes and Cover Letters, Successful Interview Tips, Professional Attire, Career Fair Advice, Job Search Strategies, Career Videos and more.  

Student Work-Study Program

Working on campus can provide valuable career experience in addition to helping to offset educational expenses. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you are interested in the student Work-Study program.

Experience Your Education (EYE Program)

To be successful in their careers, students need to enhance their textbook knowledge by applying it in real-world settings. Internships and cooperative education allow students to work field of interest while attending college. Some of the opportunities are qualified to earn college credit while others earn money. For more information, contact Dr. James Colbert, Director of the EYE Program by calling (864) 388-8767 or go online to

Stay Connected!

Job opportunities and career events will be posted on Lander’s student life Facebook page. “Like” our Facebook page to get timely messages in your newsfeed. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for students to build a network of professional contacts in the job search. Attend networking events such as Alumni functions, Chamber of Commerce events, Volunteer opportunities, career-related luncheons or conferences. Get in touch with the Office of Career Services by calling (864) 388-8971.