Young Faculty Awards

Young Faculty Scholar Award

This award is given annually to a young faculty member with the best record of scholarship.

Young Faculty Scholar Award Recipients
2013 Albert D. Dukes, III
2012 Kerry Hansknecht
2011 Lucas McMillan
2010 Lilian Craton
2009 Kevin Witherspoon
2008 Lloyd Willis
2007 Gilliean Lee
2006 Jonathan Bassett
2005 Robert Stevenson

Young Faculty Teaching Award

This award is given annually to a young faculty member who demonstrates the qualities associated with effective teaching. Each applicant for the award must prepare a portfolio which documents the following:

  • Substantive innovative use of methods of teaching, including technology, when appropriate.
  • A strong record of attendance and participation in conferences and other professional venues that address teaching.
  • Evidence that the faculty member has incorporated relevant and recent developments in the field, where appropriate, into courses taught.
  • Quality of publications, presentations, exhibitions or performances at state, regional and national conferences or other professional venues.

Young Faculty Teaching Award Recipients
2013 Douglas McAbee
2012 M. Ryan Floyd
2011 Cynthia Gardner
2010 Gail Moore 
2009 Lillian Craton
2008 Leslie Myers
2007 Willis Lewis
2006 Leisa Myers Igleheart
2005 Pamela Wash