Distinguished Professor Awards

Each year, Lander University chooses one of its faculty members to be honored as its Distinguished Professor of the Year.  This award is given in recognition of that faculty member's exemplary performance as a classroom teacher, as a scholar in his or her chosen field of study, and service to Lander University and beyond.

The award consists of a medallion, which the recipient retains for the academic year in which the award is given.  At the end of that year,  the recipient turns over the medallion to the next recipient and in its replace receives a commemorative plaque.

Distinguished Professor Award Recipients

Year Distinguished Award Recipient
2017 Gina P. Dunn
Gail D. Moore
Timothy D. Maze
2014 Kevin B. Witherspoon
Lillian E. Craton
2012 Samuel H. Tolbert
2011 Jonathan Bassett
2010 Mary Paige Ouzts
2009 Dava M. O'Connor
2008 Marshall Lynn Deanhardt
2007 Robert F. Stevenson
2006 James E. Benton
2005 Ralph C. Layland
2004 Michael E. Sonntag
2003 Andre' M. Lubecke
2002 Deborah M. Natvig
2001 Fordyce G. Lux, III
2000 Joseph D. Sloan
1999 Marilyn Mecca
1998 Jerald Hawkins
1997 Judy Bates
1996 Roxanna Albury
1995 Royce Caines
1994 Paul Criswell
1993 David Henderson
1992 Joe Chandler
1991 Marianne Lenti
1990 Doris Fitzgerald
1989 Gilbert Guinn
1988 Anthony Lenti
1987 Bruce White
1986 No Award Given
1985 Richard Fox
1984 Bettie Horne
1983 Edward J. Stampf, Jr.
1982 Lee Archie
1981 Janet Sipple
1980 Robert Phillips
1979 Larry Joe Cook
1978 Sheila Marino
1977 Joe Chandler
1977 Samrendra Singh
1977 Peter Vahjen
1976 No Award Given
1975 No Award Given
1974 Mary Lynn Polk
1974 M. F. Lide
1973 Herbert Ellis
1972 Howard Bateson
1971 John Hindman
1970 Harry Irwin
1969 Ann Warner