Criminal Justice Management Online

You have already found your calling.

Each day, you make a difference in the lives of others with a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Now you want to take that career to the next level – you’re ready to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice management.

Lander University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree completion program specifically designed for those who have at least two years’ experience in law enforcement and who already have an associate degree in criminal justice or a related field. Both faculty and leadership in law enforcement organizations have worked to develop and update the curriculum.

Why study criminal justice management at Lander University?

Offered online through a practical Web-based delivery system, Lander’s criminal justice management program gives you the flexibility to attend class at home at your convenience via the Internet.

Each course is coordinated and taught by experienced faculty in the sociology, political science and criminal justice fields, and by academically qualified law enforcement specialists. They will serve as your guides as you explore the issues that shape your professional life – and they will help you gain a deeper understanding of the complex world of criminal justice.

If you’re ready to advance your career, it’s time to think about Lander.

Online learning

Distance learning is the fastest growing area in higher education. Many students prefer the traditional “on-ground” or classroom learning experience. But for a person who is self-disciplined, an online course can be a convenient and rich learning experience.

Lander’s online program in criminal justice requires that you have access to a personal computer with connection to the Internet and an active e-mail account. Because of the structure of the online content, you’ll need to have Office 2007 or Office XP or Vista. Your assignments will be completed using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

The application process

In order to enroll in the online criminal justice management degree program, you should have completed a two-year college degree program in criminal justice or a related field. The online program is best suited for those who are currently employed or are committed to employment in the field, but other candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis. General education and elective classes can be taken on location at Lander’s main campus or at other institutions and then transferred to Lander to meet degree requirements.

To apply online as a transfer student, visit admissions. The Office of Admissions will also need an official transcript from each institution you have attended and documentation of current or former employment in a law enforcement field. Admissions representatives will notify you about your acceptance when your application has been processed.

The criminal justice curriculum

Lander’s criminal justice management degree program is designed to help graduates attain leadership positions in the field. The curriculum consists of transferring 24 semester hours from an associate degree program in criminal justice; 45-51 semester hours of general education; 10-16 semester hours of electives; and 36 hours of criminal justice management courses completed online at Lander. Any required general education and elective courses can be taken as needed on location at Lander’s main campus or at other institutions and then transferred to Lander to meet the degree requirements.

Your criminal justice course work will focus on a broad range of law enforcement management processes, including:

  • Public budgeting
  • Risk management
  • Incident command
  • Human resource management
  • Terrorism
  • Research
  • Policy analysis

You will receive three college credits for each criminal justice core course successfully completed at Lander.

Did you know…

  • Each criminal justice management applicant is assigned a personal adviser to assist with the transfer process at Lander.
  • Criminal justice management students might be eligible for a departmental scholarship as well as academic scholarships and loans through the Office of Financial Aid. Lander students annually receive more than $12 million in grants and scholarships from federal, state and institutional funds.

For More Information

For further details about the Criminal Justice Management program, please contact Dr. Meredith Uttley at or 864-388-8796.