Student Opportunities

NASA ProjectBeyond the classroom

An education at Lander gives you the opportunity to move beyond the traditional academic confines of classrooms and labs and out into professional settings – where you can put your knowledge to work. Our majors can:

  • Collaborate with chemistry, biology, physics or environmental science faculty on independent research projects.
  • Combine classroom instruction with work experience in area industries, consulting companies or government agencies, receive academic credit and a possible paycheck.
  • Conduct research aboard one of Lander’s “floating labs” – including our 30-foot pontoon boat.

You can also join one of Lander’s physical science-related student organizations, such as ESSO (Environmental Science Student Organization) or the national award-winning student chapter of the American Chemical Society. These groups sponsor social, professional and philanthropic activities, giving you a chance to grow in your chosen profession and have fun at the same time.

Atomic Absorption SpectrometerGet Involved

The Department of Physical Sciences has two active student organizations: the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Environmental Science Student Organization (ESSO).

The student organizations are primarily set up for science majors but all students are welcome to participate in the organization's activities. The organizations allow students to become more involved in extracurricular activities and become better acquainted with the Department of Physical Sciences' faculty and upper-level science students at Lander University. The purpose of the organizations is to supply the students with the knowledge of what chemistry or environmental science is all about and the opportunities present in the real world. Also, the organizations discuss and help the students identify some of the career opportunities that are available to science majors, including academics, industrial and governmental careers.

The organizations are involved in many areas in and around the Lander campus. The organizations have three major areas of concentration during the academic year: service to Lander University and the surrounding Greenwood community by advancing knowledge and awareness; professional development of the students; and social and recreational activities.

American Chemical Society (ACS)
ASC LogoService projects include Habitat for Humanity; litter pickup and cleanup at Lander and in the Greenwood community; blood drives; food drives; Humane Society; and other volunteer opportunities that the students are interested in doing.

Professional development includes chemical industrial plant tours (FUJI, Solutia, etc.), chemistry demonstrations at Lander and local elementary, middle and high schools, judging science fairs in the community, and attending meetings of the Western Carolina chapter of the American Chemical Society, which includes seminars by invited speakers and dinners at other universities in S.C. and N.C.

Social and recreational activities are intended to provide the students with the opportunities to get together with faculty members on an informal basis and to provide interactions between all students in a relaxed atmosphere. These include white-water rafting trips, camping, several potluck lunches and dinners during the academic year, end-of-the-semester picnics at Lake Greenwood, intramural sports at Lander and meetings at Lander.

Dr. Albert Dukes and Dr. Ralph Layland

Environmental Science Student Organization (ESSO)
ESSO is a professional/special interest student organization housed in the Department of Physical Sciences in the College of Science and Mathematics. ESSO provides students interested in the environment the opportunity to interact with other student body peers, faculty, as well as with professionals in environmental fields. ESSO holds bi-weekly meetings and its members sponsor and participate in community events, volunteer activities, and organizational socials and parties.

Service projects include Adopt-a-Highway, Brookside Stream clean-up, Lake Greenwood clean-up, ink jet recycling, campus recycling, Earth Day events and many more activities.

Dr. Dan Pardieck

Department Awards

Awards are granted annually to outstanding students within the department during a ceremony each spring.

The following are awards presented by the Department of Physical Sciences:

  • Chemistry Discipline Award
    Given annually by the chemistry faculty to the senior majoring in chemistry with the highest cumulative GPA above 3.0. Juniors are considered if there are no qualifying seniors.
  • Chemistry and Engineering Dual Degree Award
    Given annually by the chemistry faculty to the senior majoring in chemistry and engineering with the highest cumulative GPA above 2.8. Juniors are considered if there are no qualifying seniors.
  • Environmental Science Discipline Award
    Given annually by the environmental science faculty to an outstanding graduating senior majoring in environmental science. Criteria for selection are excellent academic accomplishments, as indicated by the GPA, and promise of an exemplary future career, reflected by service to the discipline or community.
  • Lander Science Scholar Awards
    Given annually by the faculty of the Department of Physical Sciences to up to one lower and one upper-classmen among the most promising science majors, who have a GPA of at least 3.5 in science and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Physics Discipline Award
    Given annually by the physics faculty to the introductory physics student with the most outstanding achievements.

Chemistry ClassLife after Lander

A large number of our majors go on to graduate and professional schools across the nation. They find employment in federal, state and private research institutions or agencies that support chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental and agricultural research. Some majors go on to become high school teachers.

Recently, Lander graduates have accepted positions with area companies, such as Davis & Floyd, DHEC, Fuji, Capsugel and Solutia. They are working research associates, production supervisors, quality control technicians and environmental specialists.

More information on career opportunities.

Study Abroad Opportunities:

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