Physical Sciences Department

Physical Sciences

Chemistry StudentYou want to be a scientist.

You’re intrigued by the physical and chemical reactions that occur when mixing substances in a lab … you’re curious about how molecules and atoms interact … you’re interested in the development of alternative energy sources to protect the environment ... you want to know more about the role of forensics in modern science.

As a chemistry or environmental science major at Lander University, you’ll examine these issues and more in a program that gives you the freedom to explore your own interests while preparing for a successful career.

You’ll train under a faculty of accomplished scholars and published researchers. They are chemists, physicists and environmental geologists. Foremost they are teachers, and they are committed to providing quality undergraduate experiences that enhance your development as a scientist and a student.

You’ll feel at home in Lander’s 84,000-square-foot science building, featuring interactive classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. And with small class sizes, you’ll enjoy a comfortable openness, getting to know both the faculty and fellow students.

You want to be a scientist. We can help you achieve that goal at Lander.

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