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St. Francis Hospital welcomes Lander student Ann Nugent into the Nursing Extern program

June 30, 2010

Ann Nugent

Ann Nugent checking her patients heart monitors hourly.

(Article courtesy of St. Francis Health System)

Ann Nugent has a heart to help the cardiovascular patients at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System. Nugent, nursing student at Lander University, is solely representing her university at St. Francis nursing extern program. Nugent realizes how important the heart is physically and mentally.

"In the cardiovascular telemetry unit you have to be there for not only the patient's needs but also the families need. I enjoy spending time with my patients and being there to comfort families during hard times. I think St. Francis does a great job of that" Nugent passionately said.

Nugent will be working 32 hours a week experiencing professional growth in her journey at St. Francis. Nugent looks forward to working 12 hour shifts that she did not experience in clinical settings.

"I want this to be a positive experience in each clinical area. Each extern will be learning how to use their skills in a true, realistic work environment. At the same time, we want to form relationships, and that's why each extern has their own preceptor" Elaine Payne, telemetry nurse educator said.

Lander University has prepared Nugent's heart to heal others hearts physically and mentally. A bond is being connected between St. Francis and Lander University.

"We want to build relationships between St. Francis and the externs. This helps the relationship between St. Francis and the university involved" Payne said. Nugent is eager to learn more about conditions, new medications, medication administration, and electronic documentation. St. Francis is the place Nugent's journey has begun.

"I hope the extern program leads to a job at St. Francis. Lander University has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to go out and be a great nurse" Nugent said.