Kevin L Dove

Kevin L. Dove

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (1987)
M.A., University of West Virginia (1976)
B.A., University of West Virginia (1974)

MON: 11 to 12   TUE: 1 to 2   WED: 11 to 12   THU: 1:30 to 3:15   FRI: 11 to 12 and after 2 by appointment  

Course Num Course Title
MATH-101 Survey of Mathematics
MATH-114 Precalculus
MATH-131 Differential Calculus
MATH-132 Integral Calculus
MATH-134 Intro to Abstract Mathematics
MATH-211 Intro to Statistical Methods I
MATH-231 Calculus III
MATH-232 Multivariable Calculus
MATH-240 Differential Equations
MATH-308 Linear Algebra
MATH-322 Abstract Algebra II
MATH-350 Mathematics History
MATH-351 Geometry
MATH-390 Topology II
MATH-412 Topology
MATH-431 Analysis I
MATH-499 Mathematics Capstone

  • Cross-stitch, Graph Theory and a Minimal Path Problem. Joint MAA/AMS/SIAM meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana. (2007)