Gilliean  Lee

Gilliean Lee

Associate Professor of Computing
Ph.D., University of Florida (2005)
M.S., University of Florida (2003)
M.S., Sogang University (1994)
B.S., Sogang University (1992)

Course Num Course Title
CIS-101 Computer Fundamentals
CIS-102 Application Software
CIS-120 Fund of Information Systems
CIS-230 Computer Programming Prin I
CIS-235 Computer Organization
CIS-250 Introduction to E-Commerce
CIS-320 Information Systems/Practice
CIS-321 Analysis and Design
CIS-330 Sftw Dvlpmt: Fundmntls&Technqs
CIS-335 Computer Organization
CIS-360 Database Design
CIS-410 Research in CIS
CIS-490 Internship
CIS-499 Project Implementation and Man

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