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Lander University encourages and inspires students to strive for new heights in academic excellence. In this section you will meet several of the top students in the Department of Mathematics and Computing and learn more about the achievements of other students in the major.

Student Testimonials

Carrie ForrestCarrie
I came to Lander because I had an amazing high school math teacher who studied at Lander. I knew from the moment I stepped into the math department during a visit that this was the school for me as well. My time at Lander University has been so beneficial to my professional career, and I owe so much of my future to the time I have spent here. After coming from a large high school with large class sizes, I have felt so appreciated thanks to the small classes and professors who know me personally instead of knowing me as just a number. Lander has provided great professors, both in the mathematics department and in the education department, to prepare me to be the best teacher I can be.
Andrew KlapkoDrew
I am currently in a dual-degree program that allows me to receive a math degree from Lander and a mechanical engineering degree from Clemson. During my three years at Lander University, I had a very enjoyable experience. I was able to connect with fellow classmates and professors. After attending two different colleges, I can firmly say that I enjoyed the smaller class sizes Lander had to offer. These smaller classes allowed for better interaction with professors and classmates. The professors at Lander were very helpful in preparing me for a better future. Besides the classroom, I enjoyed the atmosphere at Lander. And Lander was able to offer me more than just an education; I was able to meet the most important person in my life: my loving wife, Pam.

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My experiences at Lander have been pleasurable. The professors in my program are very knowledgeable and have a good understanding of the topics at hand, even if that means getting into heated debates about current issues in the news. One of the aspects I enjoy the most is that the professors are available at nearly all times of the day and, if not, they will arrange an appointment time to meet up with you. The university has many attractive features such as wireless internet access from nearly anywhere on campus, access to multiple computer-equipped classrooms and labs with printing and scanning facilities. I recently took part in a tennis tournament in Hawaii and ended up winning it. The professors were accommodating in allowing me to catch up on the work I missed. This allowed me to focus on my performance as a player but not hurt my grades while pursuing my personal goals.

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