Programs of Study

Why study biology at Lander?

Our primary mission is to train scientists for productive careers or for entry into graduate and professional schools – something we accomplish by providing students with excellent classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as quality undergraduate research experiences.

You might major in biology with an emphasis in genetics, which features courses designed to give you a strong background in modern genetics. You could also major in biology with an emphasis in medical technology, preparing you to enter a clinical internship or work in medical labs.

Or, if you are thinking about going into medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, pharmacy, or occupational or physical therapy, you can choose one of our pre-allied health programs – each preparing you for acceptance into the graduate school of your choice.

The biology curriculum

Our biology program is designed to complement and support your personal career objectives. Along with a core curriculum that builds a solid foundation in organismal, cellular and molecular biology, you’ll broaden your studies with electives such as:

  • Animal development
  • Biochemistry
  • Comparative vertebrate anatomy
  • Limnology
  • Immunology
  • Plant anatomy

Studying Biology

Genetics Emphasis

Are you curious about the wealth of information and challenges the Human Genome Project continues to reveal? Does the power of genetic engineering and forensic DNA technology interest you? If so, the genetics emphasis might be a great fit for you.

A cornerstone of the emphasis is a laboratory research project in genetics. The project culminates with a presentation at a public research seminar, providing valuable experience in the communication of scientific information to large audiences.

Processing Test Samples

Pre-allied health programs

Lander offers pre-allied health programs in: pre-medicine; pre-veterinary medicine; pre-dentistry; pre-optometry; pre-podiatric medicine; pre-osteopathic medicine; pre-pharmacy; pre-physical therapy; pre-physician assistant; and pre-occupational therapy. These programs are designed to prepare you to go on to health-related professional schools.

Most pre-allied health students major in one of the science fields offered at Lander, such as biology or chemistry. Both majors have excellent faculty, small classes and a strong liberal arts curriculum that rounds out your undergraduate experience.

The key to our successful pre-allied health program is early, individual advising. As you plan your curriculum, your pre-allied health adviser will help you tailor your studies to meet the requirements of the graduate school of your choice.

For more information on the department’s pre-health options, visit their pre-allied health page.  

Did you know …

  • Lander’s genetic emphasis is the first of its kind in South Carolina.
  • Lander students applying to medical and veterinary schools also have a high acceptance rate.

Learn More

For more information, checkout the University Catalog, or follow one of the links below:


  • BS in Biology
  • BS in Biology, Genetics Emphasis
  • Pre-allied health programs available in pre-dental medicine, pre-medicine, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-optometry, pre-occupational therapy and pre-physical therapy
  • Minor available in biology

For full degree requirements, program goals and more, visit the department's section of the university catalog.