College of Education


The College of Education provides a range of opportunities for students to flex their minds and muscles as as teachers, physical therapists and athletic trainers and to explore the human mind and behavior as counselors and psychologists.


Learning Spaces

Housed within two campus buildings, the College of Education offers state-of-the-art facilities where PEES students learn to help people prevent injuries and stay healthy, as well as develop an understanding of the biological and physiological changes that occur during activity; Teacher Education students can learn to sculpt young minds through teacher training that focuses on the various disciplines in the university's curriculum; and Psychology students can examine how the mind develops and unlock the secrets of the psyche.

College Facilities Include:

  • an elaborate exercise physiology laboratory
  • an athletic training and teaching/pedagogy laboratory
  • a weight room and elevated walk/jog track
  • a dance/aerobic studio, racquetball courts, an auxiliary gym with three basketball courts and an athletic training room
  • a 2,500-seat basketball arena
  • Tech-infused lecture halls

Did You Know?

  • Lander University is South Carolina's only institution of higher learning to offer a program leading to national certification in Montessori Education.
  • Lander psychology majors have many opportunities for internships, including working with area hospitals, handicapped and special needs centers and senior citizen agencies.
  • Lander physical education majors have been named Physical Education Major of the Year by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education.