Health Care Management Certificate Program

What is a Certificate in Health Care Management?

The Health Care Management Certificate program provides health care managers with in-depth knowledge of management principles and the opportunity to learn leadership and management skills that they will be able to apply to the health care setting.

The program includes four college level courses designed to strengthen leadership and management skills.

Students will receive three college credits for each course successfully completed.

Courses will be taught online and feature web-based delivery that will enable students to attend class at home and at their convenience via the Internet.

After successful completion of the four courses, you will receive a certificate from Lander University that documents your accomplishment.

When are the Courses Offered?

Fall (September - December)

  • HCMT 280. Principles of Health Care Management
  • HCMT 282: Financial Aspects of Health Care

Spring (January to mid-May)

  • HCMT 281: Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Health Care
  • HCMT 283: Supervision and Human Resource Management

Students may register for individual courses or complete all four courses. Students who complete all four courses with a "C" grade or better will receive a certificate in Health Care Management from Lander University. You may take two courses per semester and complete the certificate program in one year or take one course per semester over a two year period.

What Can You Expect from Online Courses?

Distance learning is the fastest growing area in higher education. Many students prefer the traditional “on-ground” or classroom learning experience. But for a person who is self-disciplined, an online course can be a very convenient and rich learning experience. Still, it is quite different from the traditional classroom setting.

You will be given weekly reading assignments, PowerPoint slides to study, and exercises to complete. Your professor will be available via email, telephone, and chat rooms. You may be asked to use an electronic bulletin board to post your comments on assignments. Since these are real college courses, you will be graded on certain assignments and will need to take tests on the material studied. The tests may be taken over the Internet or through pre-arranged proctors at your worksite.

This online offering requires that you have convenient access to a personal computer with connection to the Internet and an active email account. The personal computer should have Office 2010 or higher.