Programs of Study

Learning Goals for Students

Lander College of Business graduates will:

  1. be effective oral and written communicators 
  2. understand the fundamental concepts of teamwork and demonstrate the ability to work in teams
  3. have a clear perception of business ethics
  4. possess business knowledge
  5. be capable problem solvers

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program

All business students complete 43 semester credit hours of core business courses in preparation for their selected emphasis area. The junior and senior years focus on business studies in one of four emphasis areas offered by the college. For full degree requirements, program goals and more, visit the department's section of the university catalog.

Accounting Emphasis

The Accounting emphasis provides students with knowledge of accounting and auditing principles and tax preparation that they will be able to apply in a public accounting, business, or nonprofit setting.

  • A minimum of 24 credit hours are required (six specified courses and at least two selective courses).
  • Students who graduate with an accounting emphasis should meet the qualifications to sit for the CPA exam in South Carolina.
  • To be licensed as a CPA in South Carolina, 150 semester hours of education are required, including 36 hours of accounting with 24 of these hours at the 300 level or above.
    • Business courses totaling 36 hours are also required as part of the 150 hours. Lander University students may meet the 150-hour requirement by completing the baccalaureate degree requirements at Lander (approximately 120 semester hours) plus additional credit hours sufficient to meet the 150-hour requirements.
  • The 150 hour requirement does not apply to accounting students who pursue careers that do not require the CPA license.


Financial Services Emphasis

The objective of the Financial Services and Markets emphasis is to build a broad based program for undergraduate students that include studies in Community Banking; Insurance and Risk Management; Investments and Wealth Management; and Real Estate Management and Development.


Health Care Management Emphasis

The purpose of the health care management emphasis is to integrate the fundamentals of business administration with a comprehensive knowledge of the U.S. health care delivery system. The emphasis is designed to enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be successfully employed by various healthcare service organizations.


Management/Marketing Emphasis

The management/marketing emphasis focuses on the ways in which organizational objectives are developed, implemented, and changed and on those processes that add value for stakeholders. Management courses emphasize decision-making skills and the selection, motivation, and development of human resources. Marketing courses focus on the ways an organization can meet customer needs through product development and distribution and through promotional and pricing strategies.


Health Care Management Certificate

This certificate program is designed primarily for health care professionals who are interested in management positions in health care organizations and have not had formal education in health care management. Click here for more information.


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For more information, checkout the University Catalog, or follow one of the links below:


  • BS in Business Administration, Accounting Emphasis
  • BS in Business Administration, Financial Services Emphasis
  • BS in Business Administration, Health Care Management Emphasis
  • BS in Business Administration, Management/Marketing Emphasis
  • Minors available in business administration, health care management, and international business
  • Certificate available in Health Care Management

For full degree requirements, program goals and more, visit the department's section of the university catalog.