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Lander ROTC cadets taken by helicopter to training exercise

September 14, 2012

Seven members of Lander University's ROTC unit prepare to board a S.C. Air National Guard Blackhawk helicopter for transport to a training exercise in Clinton. A second helicopter carrying cadets from Newberry College, also landed at Lander and the two craft flew off together.
Seven members of Lander University's Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) unit boarded a helicopter that landed on campus today and were whisked off to a casualty evacuation training session at the Whitten Center in Clinton. Another five cadets, who have not signed ROTC contracts yet, were taken by motor vehicle to the training site.  

Lt. Col. Craig Wells (U.S. Army Ret.), the officer in charge of the Lander unit, said the training involved the simulated medical evacuation of a downed pilot.

Two S.C. Army National Guard U-H 4 Blackhawk helicopters landed at mid-afternoon on Lander's former soccer field. On one were ROTC cadets from Newberry College and the second unoccupied craft picked up the Lander contingent.

The units at Lander, Newberry and Presbyterian College make up the Highlander Battalion headquartered at Presbyterian under the command of Lt. Col. Brian Donnelly.

The Highlander Battalion has been producing professional Army Officers for over 87 years and its graduates include 17 general officers, one of them a Medal of Honor winner.