John G Moore

John G. Moore

Professor of Philosophy, Faculty Coordinator, Alpha Chi National Honor Society
Ph.D., Emory University (1998)
Ph.D., Emory University (1998)
M.A., Emory University (1992)
Other, Ruhr Universitaet (1992)
B.A. (Hons), Emory University (1987)

Phone: (864) 388-8267

College: College of Arts & Humanities
Department: Department of History & Philosophy

Course Num Course Title
HONS-292 Intl Issues_Logic & Anly Thgt
PHIL-103 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-302 Ethics
PHIL-309 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-312 Asian Philosophy
PHIL-315 Existentialism
PHIL-341 Environmental Ethics
PHIL-341 Kant, Schiller & Schopenhauer
PHIL-341 Philosophy of Art
PHIL-341 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-341 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-341 Ancient Philosophy
RELI-301 Religions of the World

  • The Aesthetics of Wine, by Douglas Burnham and Ole Martin Skilleås. in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. (2013)
  • European Aesthetics:A Critical Introduction from Kant to Derrida, by Robert Wick. in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. (2013)
  • On Tarrying, by Joseph Vogl. in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. (2012)

PROCEEDINGS - Refereed (Full Paper)
  • Gender Equity and the Dialogical Ethos of the University: Socrates, Schleiermacher and the Transversal Claim of the Conversatorium in Oxford Roundtable. (2009)
  • Kant on Reflection and Orientation in Eighth International Kant Congress. (1995)