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SCSTA High School Festival Termed a Success

April 12, 2011

Lander University recently hosted the South Carolina Speech and Theatre Association (SCSTA) High School Festival for the second straight year. 

The festival provides a forum for high school students to compete in such categories as solo acting, duet acting, group acting, ensemble performance, storytelling, original monologue, impromptu speaking, literary interpretation, theatrical design and readers’ theatre. 

The big winner was Summerville High School, which claimed eight of 10 first-place awards and six of 10 second-place awards.

Because of conflicts with proms and spring break, all of the schools that participated in the 2010 festival were unable to do so this year. Nevertheless, associate professor of mass communication and theatre Monique Sacay-Bagwell, who served as festival host, termed the event a success.

“Despite the lower attendance compared to last year, I think it went very well,” she said. “The participants seemed to be pleased with how it was all handled. Even my Lander University volunteers seemed to be impressed with many of the performances they saw.”

Winners of this year’s SCSTA High School Festival, in order of placement in the events, were: 

Duet Acting:

  1. “Dr. Faustus,” Summerville HS (Summerville, SC)
  2. “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Summerville HS
  3. “Scooter Thomas,” Gilbert HS (Gilbert, SC)
Ensemble Performance:
  1. “13: The Musical,” Summerville HS
  2. “Guys and Dolls,” Gilbert HS
  3. “Into the Woods,” Summerville HS
Group Acting:
  1. “Natural Selection,” Stratford HS (Goose Creek, SC)
  2. “Othello,” Summerville HS
  3. “Left to Right,” Stratford HS
  1. Zania Cummings, Summerville HS
  2. Dave Brown, Summerville HS
  3. Nichole Bryan, Stratford HS
Impromptu Speaking:
  1. Nadia Anderson, Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS (Orangeburg, SC)
  2. Natasha Douglas, Summerville HS
  3. Blake Metzger, Summerville HS
Literary Interpretation:
  1. Colin Dennis, Summerville HS
  2. Lavasia Sistrunk, Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
  3. Jessica Sands, Summerville HS
Readers’ Theatre:
  1. “Tuna Fish Eulogy,” Summerville HS
  2. “Black History Compilation,” Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
  3. “Tribute to Dr. Seuss,” Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
Theatrical Design:
  1. Rachael Brewer, Summerville HS
  2. Catie Shows, Summerville HS
  3. Alex Skipper, Summerville HS
Original Monologue:
  1. Alex Guererra, Summerville HS
  2. Rachael Brewer, Summerville HS
  3. D’Ara Grey, Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
Solo Acting:
  1. Olivia Bolt, Summerville HS
  2. Cameron King, Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
  3. Lindsay Powell, Gilbert HS