Exemplary Students

Lander University encourages and inspires students to strive for new heights in academic excellence. In this section you will meet several of the top students in the Department of Music and learn more about the achievements of other students in the major.

Student Testimonials

Corrie WoodsCorrie
I chose Lander because of its great music program. I have received a very personalized education because of the small class sizes and one-on-one help I have been given. At Lander, I don't feel like just another face in the crowd; I have amazing teachers who know me on a personal level and are aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I'm planning to attend graduate school after I graduate from Lander and I know my professors have prepared me very well for that next step in my education. With the help and encouragement of my professors, I was able to be in my first opera during my time at Lander through Georgia State University. It was an incredible experience and fueled my decision to pursue a career in opera. I believe my time at Lander has helped me become a well-rounded student and musician.
Sam MhasviSamuel
When I first came to Lander I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t sure what I was going to study. All I knew was I was passionate about music and art and was keen on getting as much as I could out of my time here at Lander. Landers amazing faculty not only helped guide me through all the decisions I’ve had to make but have given me the much needed support to pursue my double major in music and in graphic design. I feel I have been able to come this far because of the unique quality and commitment of the staff and faculty here at Lander to help students succeed in their goals. I thoroughly enjoy my time here at Lander and the support structures designed to not only keep you motivated but to help you even if you struggle with anything, for whatever reason. Lander University is a great community … and believe me, you’d love it, too.

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Sarah DeanSarah
I chose to study cello and music education at Lander because of the small class sizes and the welcoming atmosphere of the music department. The Lander music faculty are willing to connect with the students on a personal level in addition to providing a solid foundation of musical knowledge and experience. The classes, performance opportunities and involvement in the Greenwood community, have provided me with many diverse musical experiences that have shaped me into a better musician and teacher. While at Lander I have had the opportunity to further my career in the arts by opening my own business, Yellow Bright Studio, where I teach music and art lessons to students of all ages in the Greenwood area. My education at Lander boosted my confidence and gave me the skill set I needed to become a teacher, musician, and business owner. I hope to continue to pass on the knowledge and passion for music that I have gained through my education at Lander University.

Scholarship & Awards Recipients