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  • It takes a university to build a great publication: Students reimagine Lander's art and literary magazine

    A poster soliciting submissions for the Review, Lander University's art and literature magazine reads "Submit now or the Man-o-Lisa gets published." A graphic to the left shows the face of da Vinci's Mona Lisa replaced by that of the Review's assistant editor - who, it so happens, is a guy. But perhaps more noticeable is the large red "R" resting in the hands of the subject. This "R" has been at the core of a months-long effort, involving Lander faculty, staff and students from across campus and curricula. The process has culminated in the "new" Review.
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  • Where fairytales come true: Lander students make magic happen at Disney

    It is one of the world's most visited attractions, drawing in millions who want to experience the "most magical place on Earth." But for some Lander University students, the Disney World experience is more than a fairytale vacation - it's an educational adventure.
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