Exemplary Students

Lander University encourages and inspires students to strive for new heights in academic excellence. In this section you will meet several of the top students in the Department of Mass Communications and Media Studies and learn more about the achievements of other students in the major.

Student Testimonials

Ashlin CroutAshlin

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to have a career in mass communication. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do: whether it be TV broadcasting, journalism or radio production. Even when I thought of different majors I knew it wouldn’t make any difference, because mass communication was my passion. Lander University gives me the opportunity to explore every aspect of my major. From beat reporting to PSA writing, I have had the opportunity to get involved from the beginning of my freshman year - something that not all colleges offer until you’re at least a sophomore. Now, I’m heavily involved in XLR Lander Radio as the news director, and I enjoy every second of it! I hope to continue on in my education at Lander, and after I graduate maybe someday you’ll see me on TV or even hear me on the radio. You never know!

David PruettDavid

I'm a student athlete at Lander University who plays basketball and majors in mass communication. I have been involved with sports my entire life. When I had a chance to play college basketball, I jumped on the opportunity. In 2010, I transferred from Armstrong Atlantic to Lander University to finish my college basketball career as a Bearcat. While playing basketball at Lander I have also discovered I have a strong love for the world of mass communication. I believe the professors and the department will help me prevail in my goal of getting a job in the field of sports media. The well-rounded skills I have acquired have prepared me for the wide range of jobs the mass communication field offers. Being a student athlete at Lander University has been a wonderful experience and I wouldn't give it up for anything.