Sean Michael Barnette

Sean M. Barnette

Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Tennessee (2011)
M.A., University of South Carolina (2002)
B.M., University of South Carolina (2000)

Course Num Course Title
EDUC-674 Linguistics
ENGL-101 Writing and Inquiry I
ENGL-102 Writing and Inquiry II
ENGL-200 Intro to Literary Studies
ENGL-214 Freedom in Literature
ENGL-275 Business Communications
ENGL-345 Introduction to Language
ENGL-373 Writing in the Disciplines
ENGL-401 Hist & Devlp of Engl Language
ENGL-401 Public Writing- Relg&Politics
ENGL-401 Sociolinguistics
ENGL-401 Tchng Engl as a Second Lang
ENGL-413 Studies in Rhetoric
ENGL-490 Internship
ENGL-499 Senior Seminar
HONS-210 Honors Travel Laboratory
HONS-211 Intl Issues in Humanities
HONS-297 Harry Potter as Literature
HONS-390 Pract in Editing/Publishing
HONS-489 Honors Reflection Seminar

  • Rhetoric of Inquiry. Bedford/St. Martin's Custom. (2011: 433)
  • Hospitality as Kenosis: Dorothy Day's Voluntary Poverty. Women's Ethos: Intersections of Rhetorics and Feminisms. (2012)
  • Review of Agency in the Age of Peer Production in Teaching English in the Two-Year College. (2013)
  • Sticking Your Nose In: Positioning Yourself in Academic Writing in Writing Commons. (2013)

  • Promoting Generosity in Whole-Class Writing Workshops. Student Success in Writing. Savannah, Georgia. (2014)
  • Institutionalizing Experiential Learning through a Campus-Wide Approach. National Society for Experiential Education. St. Pete Beach, Florida. (2013)
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration on Rubric Design: Teaching Business Faculty How to Fish. North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing. Raleigh, North Carolina. (2013)
  • Teaching Writing with Academically Adrift. Writing Program Administrators Conference. Savannah, Georgia. (2013)
  • Whole-Class Writing Workshops: Teaching Students to Read and Revise. Student Success in Writing. Savannah, Georgia. (2013)
  • Hospitality and 'Real Presences': Dorothy Day's Pacifist Conversion. Rhetoric Society of America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (May, 2012)
  • Cultivating an Attitude of Generosity in FYC Writing Workshops. Research Network Forum at the CCCC. St. Louis, Missouri. (2012)
  • Hospitality and Composition: Lessons from the Catholic Worker Movement. College English Association Annual Conference. Richmond, Virginia. (2012)
  • Interns in FYC: Promises and Pitfalls. Writing Program Administrators Conference. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (2011)