Exemplary Students

Lander University encourages and inspires students to strive for new heights in academic excellence. In this section you will meet several of the top students in the Department of English and Foreign Languages and learn more about the achievements of other students in the major.

Student Testimonials

Kendall CouchKendall
The main reason I chose Lander was to be a part of the Lander Women’s Soccer program. However, after one semester I knew I would have stayed at Lander regardless of whether or not I played soccer. After taking one class of psychology and one class of Spanish I decided to major in both. The professors in each field were so captivating that I had to ask myself, “How can I choose between one or the other?” And I am glad I did not have to. My professors not only opened my eyes to all the possible places I could go in the world, but also showed me how I could get there. Before I came to Lander I had barely traveled to five different states. Now, after three years here, I have gone on a culinary tour in Spain, a cross-cultural tour in Italy, and I have studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for five months, all of which was made possible by the help of scholarships, financial aid and the faculty and staff. Now, thanks to these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and my education, I have been provided with the opportunity to teach Spanish at a middle school in my hometown; a job that I would not pass up in a million years.

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Jared PaceJared
In 2007 I left Chapin, SC, for Lander University to study English. I wanted to become a writer; I wanted to create something – a novel or short story – and become immortal because of it. Though that desire remains unsatisfied, I have never felt more confident in my ability and capacity to achieve this goal, and this is because of the English professors at Lander. While the English department has been instrumental in my success, I found true guidance and leadership from Dr. Timothy Maze and the Lander Rugby Club. Dr. Maze and the rugby team have had an extremely positive influence in my life. Though the road ahead is unsure and perhaps even unsettling at times, my future will never be unstable because of the foundation and support that I received from Lander University. Go LURC - go Blue Army.

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Stephen SandersStephen
I thoroughly enjoy being a student here at Lander. I feel as though I am part of a community consisting of fellow students, teachers, professionals and intellectual peers. It is obvious that the people who work at the University genuinely care about the students and enjoy their jobs, and I have, not once, had a truly negative experience while interacting with Lander’s faculty. I have greatly enjoyed the courses I have taken thus far, and have found that essentially all of the professors I’ve had are thoughtful and considerate, and very much willing to help students in any way they can. My department is wonderfully helpful, and essentially like one big family. My adviser is like a second mother to me, and my experiences within the department and Lander as a whole, have been very positive ones.

Scholarship & Awards Recipients