Programs of Study

The English Curriculum

Lander's English majors delve into English, American and world literature, exploring the history and fundamental aspects of literature, writing and language. Although the British-American heritage is central, you'll also examine African-American, Native American, European and non-Western contributions to the literary world.

As you move through the major, you'll begin focusing on genres, historical contexts and major authors, and you'll create fiction, nonfiction and poetry in your advanced writing courses. In reading/writing seminars, you'll analyze published works and produce texts of your own. In language and rhetoric courses, you'll learn the history and working structures of language and study the influences of audience and style that have shaped discourse at different times. And you'll end your program with the Senior Seminar, which provides you an opportunity to reflect on your course work and consider professional issues.

Our English graduates leave Lander with a thorough understanding of the cultural, social, economic, political and ideological impacts literature has had upon mankind, from the early ages to modern times.

The Spanish Curriculum

Lander's Spanish program emphasizes language acquisition and the study of Hispanic cultures, civilizations and literatures. As a Spanish major, you'll gain proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking the language. By the time you graduate, you'll be able to converse with native speakers on a variety of topics, from sports, cinema and art, to politics and religion.

Teacher DemonstrationYou'll also study and experience the Hispanic culture to a point where you will be able to distinguish similarities and differences between various Hispanic societies. And there's no doubt that the best way to get a healthy dose of these rich cultures is to immerse yourself in them for an extended period of time. As part of the Spanish major, you'll spend at least six weeks abroad in a Spanish-speaking country - and thus gain firsthand experience participating in everyday life in another culture. Financial aid is available to help offset travel costs.

By the time you graduate, you'll have a thorough and practical proficiency in the Spanish language - a definite advantage in today's work force.

Teacher Certification in English

Along with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Lander offers a teacher certification option that blends education courses with the English curriculum. This program meets certification requirements for both the National Council of Teachers of English and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

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  • BA in English
  • BA in English, Professional Writing Emphasis
  • BA in English, Secondary Teacher Certification
  • BA in Spanish
  • Minors available in English, English-professional writing, French, Latin American studies and Spanish

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