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Lander "You Are Beautiful" signs show up in unusual places

August 11, 2015

“You Are Beautiful” messages are still showing up in various locations on the Lander University campus, including an appropriately lettered one in a Science Facility men’s room. The message is spelled out using symbols in the Periodic Table of Elements, a chemistry reference familiar to scientists, students and others.

Since there is no symbol “L” in the table, the message maker improvised and created the word “Landerium,” a takeoff on Lander’s name. The sign is posted in reverse and can be read when someone looks in a mirror on the opposite wall. “You Are Beautiful” is the work of students in the graphic design course taught by associate professor of art Jim Slagle who is also Lander’s Art Department chair. The project, which was created by a Chicago artist, has grown to become a national and international phenomenon.