Sandy  Singletary

Sandy Singletary

Assistant Professor of Art
M.F.A., Winthrop University (2011)

Phone: (864) 388-8512

College: College of Arts & Humanities
Department: Department of Art

Course Num Course Title
ART-103 Drawing Fundamentals
ART-105 Basic Design I
ART-207 Ceramics I
ART-307 Ceramics II
ART-320 Advanced Drawing
ART-350 Advanced Studio
ART-371 Contemporary Art History
ART-371 Contemporary Art Practices
ART-371 Contemporary Studio Art
ART-407 Ceramics III
ART-490 Internship
ART-499 Art Issues
ART-630 Art Contexts for Art Education
ART-650 Crafts Design and Production
ART-661 Graduate Exhibition (Summer)
HONS-389 Ceramics

  • Sculpture Arts Panel Discussion. Tryon Fine Art Center. Tryon, North Carolina. (November, 2015)
  • Coffee Donuts and Critique. Foundations in Art: Theory & Education (FATE). Indianapolis, Indiana. (March, 2015)
  • Sandy Singletary. Winthrop University Alumni Presentation Series. Rock Hill, South Carolina. (January, 2015)
  • 80 x 80: An Art Show (Exhibit). June, North Carolina, Charlotte 2016.
  • Visual Art Faculty Art Exhibition (Exhibit). September, South Carolina, Greenwood 2015.
  • Festival of Flowers Best of Show (Exhibit). June, South Carolina, Greenwood 2015.
  • Why Paper Exhibition (Exhibit). October, North Carolina, Tryon 2015.
  • Why Paper Exhibition (Exhibit). March, South Carolina, Greenville 2015.
  • Curated Jim Shore Concepts Exhibition (Other Creative Activities). September, South Carolina, Greenwood 2014.
  • Invitational Scholarship Silent Auction (Exhibit). December, South Carolina, Rock Hill 2014.
  • Artfields, Lake City, SC. (Exhibit). April, South Carolina, Lake City 2014.
  • Independent Study, Greenwood, SC. (Exhibit). October, South Carolina, Greenwood 2013.
  • Alchemy Gallery, Seattle, WA (Exhibit). October, Washington, Seattle 2013.
  • Peachbelt Annual Juried Exhibition, Columbus, GA (Exhibit). , Georgia, Columbus 2013.
  • 1st Annual Collegiate Invitational Art Exhibition, Spartanburg SC (Exhibit). April, South Carolina, Spartanburg 2013.
  • Intersection Exhibition, Greenwood, SC (Exhibit). February, South Carolina, Greenwood, SC 2013.
  • 2012 SECAC Annual Juried Exhibition, Greensboro, NC (Exhibit). September, North Carolina, Greensboro 2012.
  • Art Frenzy, Rock Hill, SC (Exhibit). , South Carolina, Rock Hill 2012.
  • Festival of Flowers Annual Juried Show, Greenwood, SC (Exhibit). June, South Carolina, Greenwood, SC 2012.