Programs of Study

Why Study art at Lander?

Lander's Department of Art is committed to creating a thought-provoking environment in which students develop an understanding of the importance and function of the arts, from preserving cultural traditions and defining social change to fostering relationships within communities.

Our art curriculum allows you to explore your talents and follow your personal creative paths. Some students become painters, printmakers and sculptors whose work contributes to our cultural and intellectual lives; others become designers or creative professionals who shape the look of our everyday world. Still others accept the challenge and adventure of teaching art as a discipline with its own skills, its unique approach to learning and its own rewards.

Lander's art programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

The visual arts program provides:

  • A knowledge of art history and the tools of art research.
  • A foundation of theoretical design knowledge and analytical skills.
  • Insight into major techniques used in art production, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and graphic design.
  • Opportunities to prepare for art careers and graduate school through internships, practice teaching, study tours and field trips.
  • Techniques and skills needed to prepare art for exhibition and self promotion.

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For more information on undergraduate and graduate programs, checkout the University Catalog, or follow one of the links below:


  • BS in Visual Arts
  • BS in Visual Arts, Business
  • BS in Visual Arts, Graphic Design Emphasis
  • BS in Visual Arts, K-12 Teacher Certification
  • BFA in 2D Studio
  • BFA in 3D Studio
  • Minors available in art history, electronic art and visual arts

For full degree requirements, program goals and more, visit the department's section of the university catalog.