The Office of Career Services feels that an internship opportunity may provide invaluable real-world experience for college students, and aims to assist in connecting employers and community leaders to our students here at Lander.


One of the most important things a college graduate can take into a job interview is relevant work experience.  Cooperative Education and Internships can provide a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and make professional connections within their field of study, prior to graduating.

Students who are interested in available internship opportunities should click here for more information.  To learn more about Co-op opportunities, please click here to view Lander's Academic Course Catalog (page 67) or contact Dr. James Colbert for additional information.


Businesses are discovering that bringing an intern into the organization can be a very rewarding experience.  Interns are quality candidates who bring fresh, diverse talents and skills into your establishment.  Creating internship positions within your organization is a great way to connect with your local college and promotes community involvement.  Click here to learn more....

Experience Your Education in the EYE Program

Lander University offers an extra type of credit for internships that qualify for approval in the EYE Program. For information about the approval process for the EYE Program credit, please see the EYE Program website.

We look forward to working with both the employer and the student in developing a meaningful and mutually beneficial internship opportunity.

Amanda S. Morgan
Director of Career Services / Internship Coordinator
Phone:  (864) 388-8971

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