Career Services

The Office of Career Services provides students with personal one-on-one career advising on topics such as resume building, interview skills, choosing a major and successful job search strategies.   An online job board is available for students and alumni  seeking employment or volunteer opportunities in surrounding communities and across the globe.

We encourage employers and community members to visit campus to connect with students in order to  provide employment opportunities or career advancement information.  Employers may click here to learn more about Recruiting Days and/or Interview Site information.

Upon the request of faculty members, the Director of Career Services presents classroom workshops geared toward specific career development topics. Additional seminars are held during the year at various campus locations to give students increased opportunity to attend outside the classroom.

Recognizing that Lander is just the beginning for many students, the Office of Career Services hosts a Grad School Fair each fall. Universities from across the region visit Lander's campus to offer students insight into their graduate study program.

Career Services Scope:
The primary focus of Career Services is on currently enrolled Lander students; however, the full range of available services is also offered at no charge to Lander alumni, Lander employees, and family members of Lander employees.

Mission Statement:
The Office of Career Services strives to empower Lander students and alumni to achieve professional success in a diverse and global economy.

Vision Statement:
Career Services strives to assist students and alumni in developing self-knowledge about career choices, providing an array of career development opportunities along with current resources for professional development and research. Career Services reaches out to build strong relationships with the community and employers. Our goal is to become the primary resource for career information on Lander’s campus.

Office Hours:

M-F:  8:00a-5:00p 
Phone: (864) 388-8971

Summer Hours
May 2 - August 5

Mon-Wed: 7:30a-5:30p
Thurs:  7:30a-5:00p
Fri-Sun:  Closed



Amanda S. Morgan
Director of Career Services
Phone: (864) 388-8971


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